How to use the cricut maker and the easypress?

Publié le 20 juillet 2020

Overview of using the Cricut Maker and the Easypress

The video is linked to our 1000 Instagram subscribers, it aims to thank the people who follow us.

A design was made and then placed on a textile, then we took a group photo in order to publish this photo on Instagram and to make a contest to win a prize to one of our subscribers.

In the video, the different stages of a design creation are explained. You just have to start by already having a design on the computer or to do it yourself according to what you want, then to place your file and to configure your machine according to your needs and finally to launch the cutting. For the colors you can vary by cutting different flex and weeding out the parts you need for your design. Finally, position your markings on the textile and use the EasyPress, press the Cricut logo by applying pressure on the machine for the duration determined beforehand.

There you go, your design is placed on the textile, you can wear your creation!

Video tutorial

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