Make your own protective mask at home!

Publié le 22 juin 2020

Design your mask as you see fit

Afnor provides free of charge a reference to facilitate and accelerate the mass or artisanal production of a new mask model, called "" barrier mask "". This aims to protect the population, in addition to the barrier gestures against the Coronavirus that should obviously not be neglected. The protective mask model is available HERE. ((You can download it to have the models and design your masks yourself from A to Z)./p>

In order to help you in the creation of your masks, we have decided to share with you a tutorial made by the YouTuber Cécile DIY. This tutorial is very complete and thanks to Cécile you will be able to create masks that respect the Afnor reference easily.

Video tutorial

If you are interested in more Cécile DIY videos, go to her Youtube channel !

Take the time to create your mask by adding your personal touches during this period of confinement.

Take advantage of the quality of our products to create your protective masks while having fun and imagining the most unusual patterns to make the product as aesthetic and pleasant as possible!

For the personalization of your masks, we recommend the use of our Oeko-Tex® certified products which offer greater protection and are suitable for direct contact with the skin. *

Our products offer you a wide choice in your creations thanks to the diversity of colors, renderings and possible supports to best adapt to your tastes and expectations!

* Do not exceed the wearing of a mask beyond 4 hours

Some ideas of patterns for your masks

To help you in the creation of your masks and to make them prettier and more fun, we have thought of several ideas to personalize them. You can create unique and unusual protective masks! It will be a change from the classic masks we see everywhere! All the designs we have selected are available for free on freepik.

The anti-coronavirus motif

In somewhat unusual ideas, the first is the anti-Coronavirus motif. It will go perfectly with current events.


To give a little color and show your moods, smiley patterns are a good alternative. The "fun" side of using different smileys depending on the person can become a little game to brighten up your days in confinement. Click here to find your smileys without further delay.

Flowers & the use of pattern

Flowers are often a good visual for creations and will go perfectly with masks, it can be in the form of a pattern with other styles than flowers as you wish. We offer this decorative format, but many others are available.


Several animals can be made on a mask like that of a cat, dog ... It is very simple to do and can appeal to children or other animal enthusiasts.


Use your mask to show your solidarity with the medical profession or with the known #StayHome to support all the trades during confinement.

The unusual

During this complicated period, we know that for singles it is difficult to meet your soulmate but at Transfer ID we have THE solution! What could be better than putting your instagram or your phone number on your mask? During your races, you have the means to stay in contact with the people you meet by respecting the barrier gestures and being protected by your mask!

Obviously it's a little fun idea, we don't guarantee any real results but it's always fun!

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