3 new cricut products are coming to transfer id!

Publié le 4 septembre 2020

Arriving at the beginning of 2020 at Transfer ID, you immediately liked the Cricut brand. We first offered you the brand's two essential machines, the Cricut Maker cutting plotter and the Easypress heat press, as well as their accessories.

If you missed the launch of these products, don't panic, you can find all the information in this article: Cricut machines are coming to Transfer ID!

As you seem to like Cricut products, and we understand you, we've got some new products to add to the line. You can now find on Transfer ID, the Cricut Joy and its accessories, the Infusible Ink range as well as the Cricut cutting flex, the Sportflex.

Cricut Joy, the world's most accessible cutting and writing machine

Do you want to get started in personalization? The Cricut Joy is the perfect machine to start with. The latest addition to the Cricut family, it joins the Cricut Explore Air 2 and Cricut Maker cutting machines.

The Cricut Joy is available on our site for € 189.99!

Simple and compact

Perfect for doing cool everyday projects, the Cricut Joy is super easy to pick up. She accompanies you on a daily basis in your cutting projects but also in writing. The free Design Space application is very easy to learn, it allows you to create, save and share your projects.

Compact, you can store it very easily in your home. Portable, you can take it everywhere with you without any difficulty. As with its big sisters (Cricut Maker and Cricut Explore Air 2), you will be able to create from your computer, your tablet and your phone thanks to the Bluetooth connection. Create when you want where you want!

Customize whatever you want

Don’t be fooled by its small size, the Cricut Joy has it all. It can cut any shape to perfection from over 50 different materials. Cardstock, vinyl, heat sealer flex, self-adhesive label paper and more.

With the Cricut Joy create endlessly and transform your daily life! Personalize, organize, adapt. Personalize your walls or bottles with vinyl decals. Organize your kitchen or office by creating labels. Create a card for last minute occasions (birthdays, trips, weddings, etc.).

A small machine that goes the distance! You will be able to make unique shaped cuts up to 1.20 m and up to 6 m long for the repeated patterns.

Write, draw without getting tired

Think of the Cricut Joy as your personal assistant. You will no longer need to waste your time in applying yourself to have a perfect rendering, the machine will do it for you. Isn't that great? Choose the color, thickness and your preferred font, Cricut Joy will take care of the rest. She can draw all types of shapes and write in a variety of styles.

Need inspiration for your designs?

By purchasing the Cricut Joy, you will have access to 50 free projects online. You will be able to start creating and learn to use your machine as soon as it is received! We told you the Cricut Joy is super easy to use, but if you're still having trouble using it, we'll be here to help. You will also be able to consult the detailed instructions of the machine and our tutorial videos.

Discover the Cricut Joy in video

Accessories for Cricut Joy

The Cricut Joy is delivered to you with:

- Blade and blade housing (pre-installed in the machine)

- Fine point pen, black (0.4 mm)

- AccroStandard mat, 11.4 cm x 16.5 cm

- Welcome card

- AC adapter

- 30-day free trial subscription to Cricut Access (for new subscribers)

- 50 ready-to-use projects online

- Materials for test cuts

In addition to the Cricut Joy, you can find these accessories for sale on our site.

First of all the Carrying bag for Cricut Joy, it will come in handy in case you need to take the machine with you. This compact bag also allows you to store essential accessories for cutting and writing, such as cutting mats or markers.

You can also find cutting mats on our site. There are two types of formats available to you 11.4cm x 16.5cm or 11.4cm x 30.5cm, both with medium grip (StandardGrip).

On our site you will also find the blade holder with a blade in case you need to change it. We also offer replacement blades for your Cricut Joy.

Infusible Ink, an innovative system for permanent transfers

We are very happy to be able to offer you the Infusible Ink range from Cricut, a small revolution in the transfer world. This new range offers new and super interesting creative possibilities!

The Infusible Ink range is available on our site from €13,99.

Quality and resistant transfers

The Infusible Ink range offers great resistance over time to your creations. Its innovative technology allows inks to become one with the material (t-shirts, bags, coasters, etc.). Thanks to this infusion technique, the inks are transferred directly to your support, resulting in a long duration. Indeed, the inks do not flake, crack or wrinkle.

The final result is light and perfectly smooth to the touch. No seams, no edges, no bulk, no bulk, nothing can stop you from creating!

Brilliant colors

The Infusible Ink range is also beautiful colors. Create media in bright, vibrant colors with a style that catches the eye.

Customize (almost) any media

With Infusible Ink you can customize a multitude of media. So leave room to your imagination and let's go to the creations!

Personalize t-shirts, bags, pouches or even coasters. Be careful though, the Infusible Ink range is not compatible with 100% cotton fabrics, be sure to use polyester fabrics.

Discover Infusible Ink in video

Sportflex, the fusible flex from Cricut

Latest Cricut innovation at Transfer ID, the Sportflex. This cutting flex is easy to apply, it wilts without difficulty. Like the Hotmark from Chemica, the Sportflex is recommended for designs with small details.

Thanks to its great flexibility, the Sportflex adapts perfectly to its textile support for a long-lasting guarantee! This Cricut fusible flex is compatible with cotton, polyester, acrylic and similar fibers, but also coated nylon textiles. This is very useful in case you need to customize several media with different compositions. Indeed, you will not need to change material for each support.

We offer the Sportflex in a 30cm x 60cm format.

Share your creations with us!

We love receiving photos of your creations made with our products. Do not hesitate to share your creations with us with #TRANSFERID, by mentioning us in your publications or by sending them to us by private message! It is with great pleasure that we will share them on our Instagram account.

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