New Year's Day: surprise your guests with a personalized table

Publié le 22 juin 2020

What elements of your festive table can you personalize?

Well, we are spoiled for choice! Indeed, practically all the decoration elements of your party table can be personalized. Here is a small list of items that you can easily customize and that will help you surprise your guests when they see your table.

- The classic: the placemat

- The essential: the table runner

- The one that pleases: the napkin

- The original: the table basket

- The surprising: the chair cover

- The discreet: the napkin ring using a textile ribbon

- The usual: the chair cushion

We will stop there, but the list is still long. For even more ideas, do not hesitate to seek inspiration on Pinterest or even designer blogs.

Here are some realizations that we have created to give you ideas!

The personalized napkin

This is probably the object that will have the most effect on your guests. Normal, who doesn't like having his first name written on his briefcase. With a personalized towel, each guest will be able to leave with a souvenir of the evening. Little touches like this are welcomed. Last point if you personalize your napkins, it will give a unique side to your decoration.

It is really very easy to personalize these napkins. You just need to buy cloth napkins in a solid color, it's up to you to see which color suits best with the rest of your table decoration. For our example, we made the choice to use the  Hotmark Chemica flex because it is perfect for small sized creations with detail.

What you need for making personalized napkins:

- Napkins.

- Hotmark Chemica flex.

Little tip for an even more pleasant decoration: For your napkin rings, opt for a textile ribbon. Then personalize each ribbon with a little note for each guest. Guaranteed effect!

The asset of a festive table

The star of your decoration? The table runner without any hesitation!

He is the headliner, he will set the tone for your table. So if you don't want a banal and classic table runner, create your own! Only one condition is required, that it is in fabric. Stop wasting your time looking for the perfect table runner, because you won't find it! So let your imagination run wild and create a table runner that matches your desires!

For our table runner, we used several different products for a more pleasant look. We used the Bling-Bling and Metallic flex.

What you need for the realization of your table runner:

- A fabric table runner.

Bling-Bling et Metallic flexes

Quick tip: Play around with the renderings for something even more authentic.

The chair cover

Okay, the chair covers are not on the table but we think they are entirely part of the decoration! This time, we have opted for a visual composed of stars and colors (Bling-Bling: Gold; Orange / Galaxy: White) for a very festive look!

You can very well consider more sober visuals and especially visuals that will correspond better to the rest of your decoration. By decorating your chair covers you will stand out from the usual decorations, which will surprise your guests!

What you need for the customization of your chair covers:

- Chair covers.

- Bling-Bling and Galaxy flexes.

Little tip: opt for thick products, they will add relief and thus better bring out your visual.

The table basket

For the realization of our table basket, we favored the homemade! It certainly represents more work, but you will be even more satisfied with the result. In addition, it remains relatively easy to make your own table basket. You just need to cover your basket with fabric and secure it.

Before covering the basket, you must transfer your visual creation to the fabric. Here, we used a visual with a lot of detail, so we turned to printable rather than flex.

What you need to build your own table basket:

- Fabric to cover the basket

- The Hotmarkprint Revolution for the visual.

Little tip: Add other decorative elements inside the bin for a nicer look.

Photos of our achievements

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