Prepare Halloween with flex and sign vinyl!

Publié le 12 octobre 2020

Halloween is fast approaching! In this article we tell you which are our favorite products to use for the Day of the Dead. We also give you examples of what can be done with our products for this occasion!

Don't waste any more time, here are our favorite products and some ideas to personalize your Halloween with Transfer ID!

Our favorite products for Halloween


Unsurprisingly, Darklite is one of the products we love to use for the Halloween party. Thanks to its phosphorescent effect, it is perfectly in keeping with the theme. It's up to you to bring your terrifying creations to life on your media thanks to Darklite.


Transign adhesive vinyl is also on our list of products to use for Halloween. For this party, we usually dress up but we like to decorate our house so that it too is in Halloween colors! Thanks to Transign, turn your house into a real haunted house!

All our products available in Halloween colors!

The colors that we find the most during the Day of the Dead are orange, black, green, purple, white and gray. It's up to you to choose the final rendering you want for your creations. Among our products and in these colors, you have a wide choice of rendering (pailetté, glossy, mat, metallic or even velvet).

Our ideas for prepping Halloween at home

Our pattern ideas

Let's start by taking a tour of the patterns that are usually found for Halloween.

Among the most common reasons for this occasion, we can find:

Animals: Spiders; Bats

Characters: Witches; Ghosts; Skeletons

Others: Pumpkins; Sweets; Skulls; Fallen down

Do you see any other motives that can stick to the Halloween party? Do not hesitate to share them with us on social media!

Our decoration ideas for Halloween

Are you looking for decorating ideas for Halloween? Ideas easy to achieve? We have selected our best ideas to decorate your entire home!

Decorate your walls and windows with the patterns we mentioned earlier. Let the monsters invade your walls to create a terrifying atmosphere! All rooms can be decorated even the toilets! To decorate your home you can use our Transign adhesive vinyl.

You can also decorate your lamps with bats, witches or even ghosts. Once lit, they will project the shapes onto the ceiling.

Hang cobwebs on the walls to make your house look uninhabited.

One of the best ways to make a room even more haunted is to use dim lights in your home.

Our DIY costume ideas for Halloween

Here are some ideas of costumes to make yourself to celebrate Halloween as it should!

The ghost

The ghost is a very easy costume to make. All you need is an old sheet, some scissors, and that's it! You can also customize the sheet with flex to make the eyes and mouth of the ghost.

The witch

The witch costume is also easy to make. You will only need an old long T-shirt or an old black dress with the bottom cut out in the shape of a triangle. For the pointy hat, you can use soft cardboard. Striped tights or leggings and voila, there's a scary witch.

The Mummy

The mummy is the fallback solution if you don't have much on hand to create your costume. All you need is a roll of crepe paper cut into strips.

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