The CRICUT JOY CHRISTMAS PACK includes the Joy cutting machine with a selection of consumables so you can start creating your designs right away.

Turn your best intentions into action with the help of Cricut Joy. This clever little cutting and writing machine is easy to set up and use. Cut out custom vinyl decals for water bottles or your wall. Make labels for your kitchen or office. Create 100% custom t-shirts with our full range of cutting flexes. With many projects taking as little as 15 minutes, Cricut Joy makes it easy to create something unique at any time.

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Box contents:

1 Cricut Joy™

1 Transfer tape 5.5 cm X 240 cm

1 Smart Vinyl™ - Permanent, Gold 5.5 cm X 48 cm

1 pack of Cricut Joy™ Cards 10.8 cm x 14 cm, black/silver holographic

1 Cricut Joy™ Card Cutting Mats, 11.5 cm x 15.8 cm

1 pack of Cricut Joy™ Smart Label™ writing paper

1 pack of Cricut Joy™ 1.0 metallic markers, gold/silver/blue

1 pack of Cricut Joy™ 0.4 fine point markers, black/brown/grey 

1 Cricut Joy™ Smart Iron-On™, silver 


Maximum material width: 13.9 cm
Maximum material length: 6 m
Compatible with: more than 50 materials
Features: cutting and writing
Compatible with Cricut Smart Materials for carpet-less cutting
Free iOS, Android, Windows and Mac app
Dimensions: 139 mm x 214 mm x 108 mm
Weight: 1.75 kg

Delivered with:

- Blade and blade housing (pre-installed in the machine)
- Fine point pen, black (0.4 mm)
- AccroStandard mat, 11.4 cm x 16.5 cm
- Welcome card
- AC adapter
- 30-day free trial subscription to Cricut Access (for new subscribers)
- 50 ready-to-use projects online
- Materials for test cuts

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