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Publié le 30 septembre 2022

We are stronger together in the battle against cancer!

The Loire Committee of the National French League against Cancer, based in Saint-Etienne, has four fundamental missions :

1. Support for research : as the leading private funder of cancer research, we participate in and support research teams in the region and at national level.

2. Action for patients and their families : from the diagnosis, during hospitalization, after cancer and back to work, we help patients and their families by offering information, guidance, listening, support care end financial aid.

3. Prevention and organised screening : we act on health education from a very young age, fight against tobacco and alcohol, act in favour of organised screening and vaccination and wish to act on the theme of "cancer and the environment".

4. Representation of users and mobilisation of society: users' rights, advocacy on the issue of innovative drugs, etc.

Ligue contre le cancer

The National French League against Cancer is an independent association under the law of 1901, recognised as being of public utility. It relies on the generosity of the public and on the commitment of its volunteers and employees, who are trained by an accredited training school to meet the needs of people affected by cancer.

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