The cricut machines are coming to transfer id!

Publié le 22 juin 2020

What is Cricut?

This brand, created more than 50 years ago, is one of the world leaders and is starting to establish itself in Europe. However, it remains very popular in America. Cricut offers several latest generation machines. With Cricut indulge yourself, invent and create without setting a barrier! Innovative machines, cutting, drawing, engraving and embossing tools but also many accessories, materials and original textures (vinyl, paper, wood, leather, iron-on, etc.) Cricut will help you to carry out personal or professional projects with a disconcerting ease. A wide choice is available to you to embark on various and varied projects: interior decoration, organization of the home, creation of patterned clothes, events of all kinds ...

The Cricut Maker

The Cricut Maker machine is able to handle almost any media (over 300 materials) with great precision without being a complicated and difficult machine to use. To more easily understand its use, it is a cutting machine for reproducing a pattern drawn beforehand or a model from the Internet. It is specially designed for complex cuts and cuts most light to medium materials. The Cricut Maker will make cuts short on different types of textiles.

Thanks to a rotating blade, your machine offers a wide choice of textile cutting without support, and with a blade that can cut up to 2.4mm depending on the accessories you add. The Cricut plotter blade is a blade made of carbide steel, it is versatile and offers precision cuts at a great price. Other blades are also available to meet everyone's expectations.

It can exert a pressure of up to 4kg, which leaves quite varied work opportunities for the different materials. It is clearly in the lead ahead of all competition, in America where it is already making a strong impression, which will soon be the case in Europe. This machine is one of the best in the market today and in the future, having a wide range of tools. Cricut continues to evolve this machine with new tools that will emerge in the future, in the interest of best meeting individual needs.

With the Cricut Classic Pen Set you can add colorful and personalized messages or decorative designs to all your projects. This accessory allows you to create and develop your imagination without limit.

You can also use a Cricut cutting mat as an interface between your material and your Cricut machine. Each reusable mat keeps your material in place as it is cut and makes it easy to clean out finished parts after cutting is complete. Several models of cutting mats are available, depending on the support to be cut (textile, paper, iron-on, cardboard, etc.).

Introduction to the Cricut Maker in video

Easypress Cricut

Are you looking for a simple and efficient professional quality product? You are in the right place ! For fast, consistent and long-lasting heat transfers the EasyPress Cricut is the solution for your needs.

Thanks to a heat distributed perfectly on its plate, you will obtain fast and resistant results over time even after several washes.

This press is very easy to set up and operate with simple controls and thoughtful safety features like the automatic shut-off function after 10 minutes of inactivity.

The EasyPress Cricut is available on the site in 4 sizes of heating plate, from the mini version (4.9cm x 8.3cm) to the large size in 30cm x 25cm which will allow you to mark any type of textile support .

The Cricut EasyPress Mini is the ideal format for marking shoes, caps, small supports, curved areas or difficult to mark with seams or buttons for example. The other presses will be more suitable for larger media such as t-shirts or bags and allow you to apply markings with large dimensions (A4, A5, etc.) all at once.

With your EasyPress Cricut, opt for the laying mat to protect your surface and achieve flawless iron-on applications. The mat directs heat to your transfer for flawless heat results.

You can also take your Easypress everywhere thanks to its transport bag which allows you to group your press with its safety base, your laying mat and also all your accessories in one place. This bag is constructed from a sturdy, heat resistant material and protects your machine from bumps and scratches on all your adventures.

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