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Merging commercial power with a sleek, home-friendly design, the Cricut Autopress™ has state-of-the-art automated features to simplify production for any heat transfer project. Zero Effort™ operation lets you close the machine with the push of two fingers, and the press does the rest. Dial in precise time and temperature setttings on the easy control pod to ensure consistent résultats, whether you’re working on a big-business production or a one-time passion project. Press with peace of mind, as safety-conscious features like auto-off and certified temperature-rated plastics ensure a worry-free experience. Works with all major brands of iron-on, Infusible Ink™ and sublimation materials. Excellent complement to all Cricut cutting machines.

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-        -Large ceramic-coated heat plate, up to 205°C for a wide range of heat-transfer applications.

-        -Time-saving automated features, auto-ajusts to materials up to 5 cm thick and auto-releases when complete.

-       - Zero Effort™ operation, just two fingers to close the machine, and it handles the heavy lifting.

-        -Easy control pod, dial in precise time and temperature, or create one-touch pre-sets.

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