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Your designs come to life with Infusible Markers! Using these markers, make permanent transfers with vibrant colors and professional quality. Draw your designs freehand or using your die-cutting machine on transfer paper. Once infused into your media, the inks take on rich, vibrant hues. The end result is a gorgeous transfer that won't peel, wrinkle or crack!

These Infusible Ink markers are available in two models: Basics and Brights.

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Product details

Available in two models:

Basics: medium point markers available in 5 colors (red, green, blue, brown and black)

Brights: medium point markers available in 5 colors (yellow, fluo, fluo green, fluo orange, fluo pink and fluo blue)


Water base
Application time
40 seconds
Application temperature
  • Washing - Cold
  • Specific effect - Matte
  • Supports - Other, Shoes, Caps, Tote bags, Clothes
  • Textile compatibility - Polyester
  • Ironing - On reverse only
Application Instructions

How it works ?

- Make your design by hand or using your Cricut machine on transfer paper.

- Insert card stock in the support (t-shirt, tote bag, etc.) to prevent the ink from moving to the other side of the support. Use an anti-lint roller on your support (t-shirt, tote-bag, etc.).

- Infuse your design in your support (t-shirt, tote-bag, etc.) with the EasyPress Cricut (or a heat press that reaches 195 ° C).

* Please note the use of a press is mandatory, the application of the Infusible Ink range cannot be done with an iron.

Installation temperature: 195 ° C

Exposure time: 40 seconds

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