Semi-matt white vinyl film for low temperature heat transfer.
This product is for use with an eco-solvent, solvent ink printer. It is particularly recommended for blinds, awnings, textile tarpaulins as well as all fabrics sensitive to heat.

The Sunmarkprint transfers with an ATT600 or ATT450 tape application.


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Product details

Thickness: 160 microns
Pressing: 100°C - 20 seconds - Medium pressure

Application time
20 seconds
160 microns
Application temperature
  • Washing - Not recommended
  • Specific effect - Matte
  • Inks compatibility - Eco-solvent / solvent
  • Tape - ATT 450
  • Certifications - Vegan
  • Ironing - Not recommended
Application Instructions

1. Printing and cutting

Prepare to print the pattern right side up following the printer operating instructions.

- Check the printing (45 ° C) and ink drying (50 ° C) temperatures of your printer.
- Use the correct printing profile.
- Remove the flex from the printer and let dry at room temperature for at least 4 hours

2. Hot transfer

- Weed the excess material
- Use a tape application to transfer the pattern (do not use a paper tape application).
- Position and press the pattern onto the fabric with medium pressure, protected by silicone paper at 100 ° C - 20 seconds - Medium pressure.
- Remove the hot polyester.

Care & Maintenance Recommendations

Respect the instructions specified on the textile
This product is not guaranteed against U.V.
Ironing: Not recommended
Storage: maximum 1 year, vertically and protected from light and humidity
Washing: Not recommended
Do not use aggressive products (bleach, etc.)
Tumble dryer: Not recommended
Dry cleaning: Not recommended

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