Who flexes what?

Publié le 22 juin 2020

Hotmark Chemica / Flexcut Maxx Sef / Basicflex Transfer ID

The thinnest flex on the market! Customize all types of clothing with an impressive range of colors ranging from white to black, gold and silver, including pearlescent and satin colors. The ease with which we use these flexes will allow you to achieve very small details.

Hotmark Révolution Chemica

New on the market, this flex is a real revolution! No need to have several products for different uses, thanks to the Hotmark Revolution, you can personalize your cotton, polyester, but also nylon supports with a single product.

Hotmark Sir Chemica / Flexcut SBB Optima Sef

Matte flex PU designed for sublimated polyester textiles. Thanks to a specific treatment, these flexes block the rise of sublimation inks from the textile support, they form a total barrier to the passage of ink through the marking. These products are mainly needed for clear markings on dark sublimated textiles (example red soccer jersey and white markings).

Flexcut Sweet Sef

Flex PU mat 100% elastic for the personalization of all supports in lycra, elastane or polyamide. With this product, you will not resist the urge to create on your sportswear.

Firstmark Chemica

Semi-matt vinyl film renowned for its very good quality / price ratio and its resistance to washing. Very easy to use, it will adorn your cotton, polyester, acrylic and similar fibers supports.

Upperflock Chemica / Velcut Sef

Flock with a velvet effect that will give a little softness to all your creations. Viscose fibers automatically regain volume after washing.

Quickflex Chemica / Transflex Transfer ID

Flex that allow details of only 2 to 3mm. These soft touch products hide another advantage… They are hot peel for the impatient and are ideally designed for medium / large series. In just 10 seconds, the marking is transferred directly to the textile. A little elastic, these products can also be placed on supports containing a little elastane.

Bling-bling Chemica

Flex which exists in 2 versions: the MIRROR silver or gold version which offers a bluffing mirror effect that will not go unnoticed or the STAR version with glitter for a bling-bling effect. The final touch of the STAR version allows you to feel the glitter under the fingers and leave stars in the eyes of little girls, but not only that.

Galaxy Chemica

Glitter flex with a soft touch that will appeal to all glitter fans. The glitter rendering looks like a fine powder and is more discreet than the Bling-Bling Star.

Metallic Chemica / Metalflex Sef

Metallic effect flex that can be applied on all types of textiles. Relatively fragile product with maintenance by hand and which only presses once. Test its Full Metal effect!

Fashion Chemica

Flex with printed patterns or 3D effect to bring fun to all your creations. From zebra pattern to camouflage, from smooth to leather effect, this flex is suitable for both children and adults. So don't hesitate any longer and get fashionable!

Duoflex Chemica

Now achieve a two-color 3D effect with a single flex! This polyurethane film will give relief to all your cotton, polyester, acrylic and similar fibers. Available in white, black, red, green, yellow and blue.

Flexcut Sweet Puff Sef

Under the action of heat, this polyurethane film reveals its swelling power. Available in black and white, it can also be used with solvent / eco-solvent printers. Quickly try the swelling effect on your cotton, polyester, acrylic and similar fibers.

Darklite Chemica / Flexcut Night Club Sef


Photo-luminescent flex that delivers and releases the light stored during the day in the dark.

Flexcut Night Club

Fluorescent flex under black light as in a discotheque.

Be visible both day and night with this product.

Laserflex Sef

Flex which is used with a laser cutting machine for the personalization of all types of textile supports. Thanks to this cutting technique, your creations will be child's play.

Reflex Chemica

Retro-reflective flex perfect for personalizing safety clothing such as yellow vests thanks to the EN 20471 standard which defines the amount of light returned. This soft and elastic product is suitable for cotton, polyester, acrylic supports and also for nylon supports with its Allmark version.

Sunmark Chemica

Semi matt vinyl flex ideal for customizing blinds, awnings and other textile tarpaulins. Make your exterior unique by personalizing your storefronts. This product can also be used for fragile substrates such as imitation leather or coated fabrics.

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