Birth: 8 personalized gifts to welcome baby

Publié le 22 juin 2020

What to give a baby at birth?

We have tried to have a list of original but also useful gifts. Keep in mind that the parents and the baby will need it. Parents will think of you when they see their baby with your awesome gift! To make it easier to personalize your gift, we recommend that you buy clothes in plain fabric.

Our personalized gift ideas for baby

First baby gift on our list, the bodysuit. Always present in the baby's changing bag, the bodysuit is essential. Useful in summer and winter alike, the bodysuit protects baby's soft skin. In addition, the body is very easy to customize, it gives you a lot of freedom in terms of design! We have made some realizations to give you ideas:

The princess bodysuit was made with the printable Hotmarkprint Révolution.

For the Super Kid bodysuit, we used Hotmark yellow (404), black (403) and red (406).

Panda body: outline, nose and ears were made with black Upperflock (501) / for the face we used white Velcut (01) / eyes and mouth were made with Hotmark Revolution black (303) and white (301).

The second gift on our list is once again a baby kit essential. These are baby bibs! Rated the most useful accessory by mom and dad, the bib is perfect for many situations. Obviously when baby needs it most is during meals, but it can be necessary at any time of the day (very practical in case of regurgitation). As with the bodysuit, the bib is an accessory that can be easily personalized, you have enough room to create pretty visuals We personalized two bibs, one for girl and one for boy.

Girl's bib: outline made with  orange Bling-Bling Star (1127) / inside made with Hotmark caramel (454).

Boy's bib: outline made with  silver Bling-Bling star (1120) / interior made with grey Firstmark (124).

Our list continues with baby hats. Covering the head of the infant is essential for his well-being, the newborn cap is an excellent solution. Often sold with a simplistic design, stand out by personalizing your gift! The renderings obtained on the cups are super cute!

For the "" unicorn "" beanie we used the Hotmarkprint printable.

For the beanie with the panda: we used Hotmark Revolution black (303) for the eyes and mouth / the panda face and the whites of the eyes were made in Hotmark Revolution white (301)/ the outline, the ears and the noses were made with black Upperflock (501).

Another useful gift idea, the diaper. Ideal for welcoming the infant as it should, it is practical in many situations such as wiping up spit up or baby slime. In addition, the diaper offers you a larger playing field for your personalization! For an even nicer look, don't hesitate to match the swaddle with another gift like in our photos.

For the diaper with the unicorn, we used the Hotmarkprint printable.For the "" Little boy "" diaper we used navy blue Bling-Bling star (1132).

To have a good night's sleep!

Pajamas as a birth gift for the baby to have sweet dreams. Like the bodysuit, pajamas are easy to customize and give you room for your design. As our pajamas already had a heart design, we opted for a very simple sentence.

Made with Quickflex Revolution silver (3623).

Cute socks as a welcome gift for the infant! Like the hat, baby socks are one of the essential accessories for the well-being of the little one. In particular, they help to maintain the right body temperature and prevent irritation. On the personalization side, the space for the visual is very limited because of the small size of the socks. You can still do beautiful things, here is a small overview of what it can give.

Made with Red Bling-Bling Star (1123).

Gifts that are more difficult to personalize

Our last two gift ideas are supports where the installation is more delicate. Don't worry, the pose is still possible! The proof ? We did it ! In addition, the game is worth the candle since you get good results!

Why not offer baby sneakers? They will mainly be for decorative purposes! It is a very good support to immortalize the birth of the infant. As a picture is worth a thousand words, here are our baby shoes pictured.

Made with HHotmark light gold (473)/a>.

Last idea on our list and perhaps the most classic: a plush! Yes, but not just any plush since the one you are going to give is going to be unique thanks to the personalization. The installation on a support such as a plush is a little more delicate but achievable. See the result for yourself!

Made with magenta Upperflock (509).

You have reached the end of our list, now it's your turn! All you have to do is create an original birth gift!

Oeko-Tex certified

The Oeko-Tex® is the most demanding standard on the market and it guarantees you products without risk to health. Health issues are always among the most important criteria when choosing a product. Even more so when the primary users are babies. This is why most of the products chosen are Oeko-Tex certified.

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