3 tips for a successful Easter

Publié le 22 juin 2020

A chocolate workshop with the children

A holiday like Easter is the perfect opportunity to have a good time with your family! So before going on an egg hunt, start the weekend with a chocolate workshop with the children. If you don't have kids, that's okay it can be just as fun with the grown-ups! A chocolate workshop is the opportunity to teach children while having fun.

Some tips before you start preparing your chocolate workshop

Choosing the right chocolate

It may seem obvious, but chocolate is the main ingredient in the recipe, so choose it well. We have a few “chefs” on our team, their advice: for a smoother chocolate that is easier to work with, choose a couverture chocolate.

For all those who are wondering what a couverture chocolate is, we invite you to read the following article which explains the difference perfectly.

Be well equipped

Another obvious tip! In order to put the odds on your side, here is the essential panoply that we think you should have:

A saucepan / A grater / A wooden spoon / A spatula

As a bonus, a thermometer to help you temper your chocolate!

Children can sometimes be demanding, so also plan to provide several molds for even more fun!

Be patient

Yes, you have to know how to stay patient! We don't worry about following this advice, we know it's one of the main qualities of designers!

Organize a nice egg hunt

What would Easter be without its egg hunt? This is arguably the favorite part of kids and maybe even adults!

Do you have a garden? Great use it as a playground for your hunting party.

No garden or the weather does not allow an egg hunt outside? Don't panic, the interior of the house or apartment will do!

Let's talk about serious things ! How to organize a nice egg hunt? Not that easy as it sounds.

To help you in this exceptional mission, we have assembled the entire Transfer ID team to share the secrets of our egg hunts with you. Solidarity is essential and all together, we should be able to create a great hunting trip!

1st good practice

Our first good practice is to keep track of ALL the places where you have hidden your eggs. It would be a shame to forget a chocolate and find it melted a few weeks later.

2nd good practice

The second good practice is intended for families with children of different ages. The little ones often have a harder time finding the eggs, and they may end up with fewer eggs than the bigger ones. So to remedy this, use a color code. Explanation: the little ones must look for the green eggs and the older ones the blue eggs.

3rd good practice

Delimiting the playing area is our third good practice. Very useful, you will be able to supervise the children more easily. Safety first !

4th good practice

Fourth good practice, draw a treasure map for your egg hunt! This will make the adventure more fun and more exciting. Give each child a card like this, no jealousy.

5th good practice

Last good practice, leave clues about your hiding places. Children, especially the little ones, need help finding the delicious chocolates. For our clues we chose to make the Easter bunny footprints and we placed them near the hiding places of our eggs.

We used turquoise and neon pink Velcut for our rabbit prints.

And there you have all the ingredients you need to organize a perfect egg hunt!

Add a touch of personalization

The great thing about being a designer or using personalization products is that you can make every experience unique!

So to your plotters to make the Easter weekend 2020 unique! Transfer ID is here to support you, despite COVID-19, we remain open and continue to process and deliver your orders.

Easter is an event that offers plenty of creative possibilities! We have already shown you our treasure map and our rabbit tracks.

It's easier to hunt eggs with your hands free! So we opted for personalized mini tote bags.

We used Hotmark silver and pastel pink. Eyes, nose and mouth are in black Bling-Bling.

Before going on a chocolate hunt, equip your children with appropriate clothing for the situation!

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