Our gift ideas for Valentine's Day

Publié le 22 juin 2020

Personalized gift ideas

Let's start with a classic and one that can suit everyone, the t-shirt or the personalized sweater. Very easy to do, all you need is a basic t-shirt or sweater and some flex for customization. This gift is so effective that it is suitable even for single people, the photo proof!

For the t-shirt we used black Quickflex Revolution (3603) and red Velcut (05). For the sweater, we used Hotmark beige (414) and light gold (473).

A personalized gift for her? Why not a plush? All you have to do is think about what you want to appear on your plush, a visual creation or an unforgettable message like in our photo. For the application, we recommend using an iron or an ironing press if you have one.

We used red Velcut (05) for the phrase « Will you marry me » and red Bling-Bling Star (1123) for the stars and hearts.

A personalized gift for him? Offer him a bottle of wine and personalize his packaging. You will need a wooden wine box and Transign, our adhesive vinyl. More than choosing a good wine for him and voila!

Give a personalized pillow to your other half. At first glance, this isn't the most romantic gift in the world, but we have a way to fix it. Personalize the cushion with a message or with your couple's details (date of your first meeting, place of your first kiss, your first trip, etc.). Surprise your darling with this unusual gift!

We used white Velcut (01).

After the ugly Christmas sweaters, we are launching a new tradition for Valentine's Day the ugly hat and scarf combo. Of course they will have to be worn together.

We used  Galaxy Silver (1101) and Pink (1106).

Last personalized gift idea, a bathrobe. Who doesn't want to bundle up in a soft bathrobe when you get out of the shower? With this gift your dear and loving one will be able to combine the useful with the pleasant. This is the guarantee to offer him a dose of daily comfort! So if you want a cool gift that you can share, this is the perfect gift.

We used Navy Velcut (07) and Multicolored Silver Bling-Bling Star (1135).

Other gift ideas

Are you not convinced by our personalized gift ideas? No problem, we have other tricks up our sleeves!

Looking for inspiration? Go for simple but effective gifts. Sometimes simple things are the best so if you don't have a lot of inspiration you can stick to classics. A perfume, lingerie, a mug or even jewelry can turn out to be extremely pleasing gifts.

Valentine's Day is the perfect time to do things that we don't have the opportunity to do on a daily basis. So why not give yourself a gift that can be shared? Give yourself a moment to share for two. It can be a romantic weekend and good news you don't have to take a long trip to live great experiences, France and Europe are full of great destinations.

Still on the notion of sharing, how about a romantic day out? On the program massages, spa, sauna, etc ...

Last but not least, the famous tête-à-tête restaurant. Haven't had the opportunity to have dinner with your boyfriend / girlfriend yet? Take the opportunity to do so.

If you're not sure you've chosen the right gift, don't panic! Remember, it's not the most important gift, it's the intention!

Some tips for a successful Valentine's Day!

Don't feel like you have to celebrate. Yep, it might sound silly, but if you don't feel like it or just don't like Valentine's Day then don't bother forcing yourself. It will be felt and the evening will be ruined. Remember to tell your boyfriend / girlfriend.

Who are the happiest on Valentine's Day? Florists and chocolate makers of course! Roses and chocolate are no longer part of the gifts but essentials for a successful February 14th! Add candles to your decoration to get a romantic atmosphere.

Keep it surprising, this is our last tip! Let yourself be surprised by your partner.

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