Soon Christmas ... discover our decoration ideas!

Publié le 22 juin 2020

Unique gift wrap

Pretty wrappings are part of the gifts. Use TransignBling-Bling and Velcut to embellish the base of your tree!

What you need for the realization of these packaging:

- A very simple Santa Claus hood, which you can find at Ikea for example.

- A roll of white and red striped wrapping paper, which you can find in supermarkets.

- Bling-Bling, Velcut and Transign available at Transfer ID!

A 100% personalized Christmas tree

Create a decoration on wood, glass, plastic and many others that looks like you and that will satisfy young and old. Made with Transign.

What you need for the realization of your 100% personalized tree:

- Let's start with the basics, a tree! You will find artificial ones in supermarkets. For a more natural touch, we preferred to take our own in a nursery.

- Customizable plastic Christmas balls, which you can find at Centrakor for example.

- Small pieces of wood that we went to collect in the forest. We then polished them to have a cleaner look.

- String that you will pass through the holes in your pieces of wood.

- And finally, Transign to decorate your Christmas balls and your pieces of wood.

Show Santa Claus the way

To make sure you have your gifts under the tree, point it in the right direction using Transign.

What you need for the realization of this directional panel:

- Wood, wood and more wood ... You will need planks for the arrows and a stick for the trunk of the sign.

- Paint to add color to your arrows. It's up to you to mix the colors to get the result you want.

- On wood, we recommend the use of Transign!

To each his own

Hanging on the fireplace, on the door of his room or at the foot of the tree, your children's Christmas socks will patiently await the passage of Santa Claus. Made with Hotmark Chemica flex.

What you need so that everyone has the right to their personalized sock:

- Easy to personalize Christmas socks. You can easily find them on Amazon at low prices!

- Then all you have to do is create your patterns! We recommend the use of Hotmark Chemica flex, which is very effective for small details.

The original touch

All details count to have an authentic festive table! Create original place cards for a personalized atmosphere.

Made with Transign.

What you need to make personalized place cards:

- Cardboard of two different colors. The main color for your place cards and another color for the outline. A little bit of scissors then glue and you're done!

- The names of your guests that you can make with the Transign available on our site.

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